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Petit Charlot

Claire Goldfarb – violoncello, vocals

Jean Jadin – piano, vocals


Awarded by Fédération des Jeunesses Musicales Wallonie-Bruxelles  

Octaves de la Musique - Brussels - 2019


3-12 year-olds

A character both impertinent and endearing, associated with silent cinema, Charlot, with his bowler hat and preceded by his clownish adventures, has left his mark on entire generations. His 65-year career has propelled him to the rank of an international star.

From the "custard pie" gags to carefully calculated clumsiness, he weaves a tenderly burlesque universe marked by his own personal experiences and dramas.

His work, with its anthropological, social and politically committed themes, remains relevant today. Themes such as the relationship to women and seduction, the ravages of alcoholism, the realities of immigration, or the use of  tricks to denounce abuses of power and totalitarianism are all present in his work.

Petit Charlot proposes extracts from Chaplin's films from before 1918, accompanied by live improvised music thanks to the joyful complicity of Claire Goldfarb on the cello and Jean Jadin on the piano.

Version Bonimenteur


guy Cohen



Presentation card

Petit Charlot

the pitcher version

photo El Païs.jpg


This version of "Petit Charlot" was commissioned by Teatro Real in Madrid and was performed there about twenty times.

It was also performed for the festival "rencontre-cinéma" of La Louvière.

It is a version with a pitcher (Guy Cohen), who is Charlot on stage, and piano solo (Jean Jadin).

Following this commission, Teatro Real produced a second cine-concert inspired by "Buster in Love" with the pantomime Aaron Martin, which was also presented there about twenty times.

Article on "El Pais"

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