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Toît mon toi

Dive into music and water videos on the basis of music and improvisation by Jean Jadin and Evelyn Groynne.

Evelyn Groynne - ondes Martenot, accordion, piano
Jean Jadin - piano, melodica

Toît mon toi is a video-concert created by Evelyn Groynne (ondes Martenot, piano and accordion) on the basis of underwater videos describing the evolution of certain species at the bottom of the sea. This show was originally the payment of a part of the roof for a clustered habitat. The project moved forward thank to the sponsorship by the ORIG-AMI action launched by the non-profit organisation "Cultures et communication" for the manufacture of cardboard houses for the homeless.

To find out all about the astonishing capacities of the mimetic octopus, accompanied by the deliciously old-fashioned and dangerously bewitching sound of the ondes Martenot.

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