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Ond y Ano

Piano and ondes Martenot

"Let yourself be lulled by this duo piano and ondes Martenot through past compositions... and future ones!"

French music (Messiaen, Millaud, Poulenc ….),

but also the latest creations and improvisations by Evelyn Groynne and Jean Jadin

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Evelyn Groynne - ondes Martenot
Jean Jadin - piano

Ondes Martenot

Ondes Martenot - Evelyn Groynne & Jean Jadin

Considered to be one of the ancestors of the synthesiser, the instrument - invented by Maurice Martenot and released in 1928 - was designed in 1918 by the wireless operator Martenot (a corporal during the First World War). He discovered, through wireless telegraphy (WTW), the musical potential of the waves. Maurice Martenot patented his invention in 1922 and presented his "musical waves" to the public on 20 April 1928 at the Paris Opera.

The instrument that Evelyn plays is ONE OF THE LATEST built by Martenot. There are only 70 examples left in working order across the world.

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