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Award for Best Puppet Show "Objects & Shadow"  

FETEN Festival · Gijon Spain - 2012



50 min

5 years-old and +

The story tells... with off-beat humour, a face to face between the adult world and the imaginary world of a child. A conservative father and a rigid mother try, in vain, to tame a mischievous child whose friend is a fearless hen.

Each character leads a regulated life without surprises in his own setting. Until the child, influenced by her friend the hen, dares to go outside the frame assigned to her.

The gallinaceous animal, a disturbing element, is hunted by parents without scruples. A chase then begins in an imaginary world governed by irrational laws, where everything is possible, where derision prevails over reason, humour over prejudice.

With no landmarks in this world that has long since been unfamiliar to them, parents will not get by unscathed.

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