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La Chorale d'Antoinette

Régine Galle - Antoinette
Jean Jadin - Priest / piano

Tonight Antoinette gives a performance with her choir. She runs late and she bursts onto the stage with her bicycle. And... CATASTROPHE ! They are all sick !

No worries ! She will be singing as soloist. She will have to... the priest is already ready behind his piano. Andiamo, she gathers her courage.

Antoinette, a clownish character, tells with tenderness "Cantiamo insieme", the choir of Châtelineau, her father, Emilio his bicycle, the Italy of Charleroi, the mines...

Life stories and songs are intertwined.

On the programme: jazz, opera and French chanson. From Bourvil to VERDI, including DALIDA.


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