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Célimare le bien aimé

29 performances between 20 November and 31 December 2008
Théâtre Royal du Parc, Brussels - Belgium

Comedy-vaudeville by Eugène Labiche 

Staging: Pierre Fox

With : Michel Poncelet, Bernard Marbaix, Jean-Daniel Nicodème, Bruno Georis, Catherine Claeys, Nicole Palumbo, Sandrine Quynh, Frédéric Clou, Michaël Manconi, Gauthier de Fauconval,

Jean Jadin (piano)

"Without slamming the doors, but with a lot of finesse and humour, the scenes follow one another and animate the stage and the auditorium of Théâtre Le Parc to the rhythm of the piano, played by Jean Jadin. The jazzy and swing music that invades even the coat hangers has the pleasant undertones of Ray Ventura's famous tunes (Tout va très bien Mme la Marquise, Qu'est-ce qu’on attend pour être heureux ou encore d’A la mi-août.)

A few tap-dancing steps, a few notes from Lettre à Élise, the credits of Pink Panter, a chorus by Enio Morricone, and many more, account for a pleasant two-hour performance (including the intermission).
Labiche's texts are thus cleverly and pleasantly replaced by the well-known ritornellos to create a welcome primal atmosphere in this period of stagnation"."

Muriel Hublet - Complete critique on: "Plaisir d'offirr"

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