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Buster in Love

…or the daredevil in love.

Jean Jadin : piano, composition, orchestration
Philippe Saussez : clarinets


5 year-olds and +

Referring directly to his nickname, "Buster" meaning "daredevil", the excerpts chosen for this cine-concert highlight the artist's talents. All his stagings were prepared with the greatest of skill, he achieved all his technical and physical prowess himself and nevertheless wanted to limit the risks as much as possible.

The choice of the inexpressiveness of his face gives priority to the visual effects of the gag or the situation. He avoids all "sentimentalism" by treating the theme of love in a humorous way. He assimilates himself in a way to the world of puppetry where the characters express themselves through the gestures and articulations of the body and not through the expression of the face. He becomes a puppet in his own hands.

Like several of his colleagues, his athletic qualities prevent him from having to go through dubbing even in the most perilous situations.... a real daredevil!

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