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Afrique en Classique

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One of the most beautiful musical and human experiences of my life was this encounter with African music and musicians.

Following an original idea of the Belgian singer Lazare, who had joined forces with the Congolese singer Kafe Dodo, the project to bring together traditional Congolese musicians with Belgian classical musicians was a wonderful success with the public in Belgium (35 concerts took place in 2002 and 75 concerts were planned in 2004 but were cancelled following an inhuman decision of the Immigration Office).

My task as a composer was therefore to arrange traditional African pieces and pieces from the European classical repertoire in such a way that the six musicians (3 Belgians and 3 Congolese) could play together in the same pieces.

This gave me the opportunity to travel to Africa in order to discover the traditional instruments of the Congo and to be able to play them. The musical arrangement of the pieces was thus facilitated.

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